Saturday, January 23, 2016

Are RWAs Good for a Sector?

Some questions that come to my mind: are RWAs really good for a sector? Do they really work for sector's development?  Are the people nominated and elected as RWA Office bearers actually working for a social cause?

If the answers to all the above questions is YES, then why is Sector 47 not able to see much development? Why is there so much of infighting within the RWA and why are the residents not supporting the RWA now?

Sector 47 in Noida is indeed one of the best sectors to live in Noida, but unfortunately it has seen no or little development in last so many years. It still doesn't have a single market or ATM. It still doesn't have even a single nursing home. There is a huge area of land earmarked for Club but it looks like a distant dream - when the basics aren't in place, one can't expect the luxuries!

It's also strange to see that the Noida Authority doesn't care a hoot about developing the sectors. As if once the land is sold they are over with their responsibilities. Why do they collect so many taxes and penalties from the plot owners then?

As a consolation for the Sector 47 residents though, a Mother Dairy booth is being constructed in A Block of the sector now. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Market Commotion in sector 47 - Noida

Noida’s Sector 47 – known to be one of the best & poshest sectors in Noida is in news these days – but perhaps not for accolades it has earned for its cleanliness, security or maintenance. The sector is in news for the ongoing commotion regarding construction of a commercial complex within the sector.
Residents of Noida Sector 47 have been bawling for a local shopping complex within the sector for last so many years. The sector is huge in size and there are demarcated commercial plots, however, the residents have to travel long distance even for bread and butter. Sector 47 in Noida was developed by Noida Authority in January 2004 but is lacking a local market since its inception. The Noida authority has been turning a blind eye on this issue for so many years now. Residents are thereby dependent on markets in either Sector 41 or 50 which are each at least three kilometres away.
There are no chemist shops, salons, ATMs, drycleaners, stationery shops etc. in the sector. There is a temporary mother dairy in the sector as well as a temporary grocery store – but these are more of blots on the well kept sector’s grace. The RWA has brought the issue in the limelight several times but no action has been taken in this regard. General secretary Anoop Rai once said, "Nine years have passed and we are trying our best to get a local market here. We have spoken to the authorities several times but still result is zero."  To this, the project engineer of Noida Authority, MP Sharma said, “We are working on this issue and soon we will provide a common market for Sector 47 and 48.”
Recently, a part of the huge central park in Sector 47 was notified by Noida Authority for construction of a commercial complex. This could come as a highly awaited relief to the residents. However, a section of the residents have objected to the fact that the market is being constructed on a well maintained green area rather than the designated commercial plot. The section opposing the market in park area have highlighted the fact that for construction of market, the Noida authority will have to cut several trees which will of course have an adverse impact on the environment. The RWA on the other hand is in favour of constructing the market on the park area. Noida Sector 47 resident's comments can be read on their community page on Facebook:
Noida Authority officials will now have to resolve the issue and should come out with the best suited solution. This again may take several months or even years – so the residents can brace themselves for another long wait before they can actually have a market within the so called Noida’s - VIP Sector 47.
We hope that it ends-up as a win-win situation for both the residents & the nature!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sector 47, Noida

What’s good? What’s not?

Sector 47 in Noida is one of the appreciated sectors of Noida, with well maintained parks, roads and security arrangements. It is rated in 'B' Category by Noida Authority which has classified all its sectors in categories 'A' to 'E' for fixing minimum sector rates. The Sector 47 RWA has also been doing a decent job in maintaining the sector well. Here we have an unbiased review on Noida's Sector 47:

What’s Good:

Sector 47 in Noida boasts of several small and big parks for its residents. Almost all of them are quite well maintained and well kept. The parks are easily accessible and you can see people from all age groups enjoying their mornings and evenings in the parks. The Central Park, which is one of the biggest parks in Sector 47 is really beautiful, well maintained, well lit and well kept.

Security arrangements in the sector appear quite decent too. There are guards available on all open gates of the sectors all the time and at night only one gate is kept open which is also heavily guarded. Night patrol by the guards is also quite frequent and is appreciated by the residents.

Sector 47 also boasts of some of the most well maintained and wide roads in Noida. The sector has minimum road width of 12 meters and all sector roads are much wider. Many sectors in Noida suffer from narrow roads due to which there is scarce parking space, traffic snarls and issues among neighbours, but Sector 47 has no such problems.

Water supplied to Sector 47 is relatively much better as compared to some of the other sectors of Noida. Also, the natural underground water that’s available to Sector 47 residents is also ‘sweet’ and naturally clean, hence, many households rely on their bore wells for their water usage.

What’s not:

The biggest issue which is faced by Sector 47 residents is lack of any commercial space in the sector. Although there are a couple of make-shift outlets in the sector but lack of a proper market forces the residents to travel all the way to Sector 41 or Sector 50 markets for smallest of requirements. Noida Authority’s apathy to this blooming sector’s issues is deplorable.

This sector also now lacks any direct approach from Noida city centre. Earlier their was a direct approach from Dadri Road, but that intersection has been closed and one has to take a 1.5 km detour to enter the sector from Dadri road side. Another direct approach which could be made available from Green Valley Crossing side has a short patch of about 50 meter unconstructed road which has not been completed for years now. Due to this short patch, the residents of Sector 47 Noida have to take long routes to reach the sector every day.

It should be noted that Noida Authority charges heavy penalties to plot owners who are not building their houses, and fees & charges to the ones who complete the construction of their houses; however, it is sad that this amount is not spent on the sector’s development. Shouldn’t Noida Authority be fined for the delay in constructing markets & shopping centres for the residents of the sector?

Overall review of Sector 47 however remains very positive and in coming years it will surely be one of the best sectors in Noida.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Schools in Sector 47, Noida

There are many good schools in Noida. Almost all good and well known schools have their branches in Noida or in Greater Noida now. Many such schools are located on Noida - Greater Noida Expressway and many are located within Noida only.

Some schools in Noida Sector 47 are:

Jagran Public School, Noida
D-33 B, Sector-47, Noida
Phone No.: 0120-4043830, 4546160, 4546162

Pupilcare Nursery School, Noida
B-85 A, Sector-47, Noida
Phone No.: 0120-4292180, 9810510715

Kids Campus, Noida
D-132 A, Sector-47, Noida
Phone No.: 9811581867

Silvertone School, Noida
C-104 A, Sector-47, Noida
Phone No.: NA

Pathways School, Noida
Sector 100 (adjacent to Sector 47), Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Phone No.: 9560178222, 9560129222

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Noida - Sector 47 is on

All residents of "Noida - Sector 47" are invited to join the sector's page on at .

This is a community page created for open interaction amongst the sector's residents, RWA members and management. Here we all can freely share our feedback and give our suggestions for all to read and discuss.

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